No More Hiding From The Bow Tie

The bow tie is a quintessential fashion item and here at No More Hiding, we’re bringing it back out of the closet as healthy fashion is a part of a healthy life!  The bow tie can be the perfect addition to any outfit so included in this post is information on the types, how to wear them and when to wear one.

When should I wear bow ties?

Not everyone wears a bow tie. Not because there is a rule of who should wear it, but some men feel they cannot fit in. Wearing a bow tie comes with an unwritten rule of being a gentleman and it exudes an aura sophistication and class. Therefore, if one is going to wear a bow tie, they should make sure to check the latest styles and fashions to ensure they pick something right!

Types of bowties

Bow ties come in three types, self-tie, pre-tied and clip on. Pre tied and clip on are for children and they are not appropriate for adults. Self-tie bows are the one most suitable and retain a level of sophistication and class.

When you should wear a bow tie

Bow ties should be worn in a formal attire, semi formal attire and casual.

In formal events, the common code is a black bowtie that goes together with a black tuxedo. To retain the expensive look, a self-tie is preferable and should be in silk, grosgrain or satin material. A white tie event also requires the use of a white bow tie in its dress code.

For semi formal events, one can put on bow tie of different textures and patterns such as stripes or polka dot and with tweed or velvet material. It is important to stick with the dress code. The tie can be paired with a suit. Remember to include a pocket square.

Bow ties can also be won casually, and here one has a choice to wear whatever they desire. You can use funky patterns or materials such as linen or seersucker and pair it up with printed socks and suspenders. There is no limit to what one can wear casually. You can even create your own style.

Tips on wearing a bow tie

It is important to match the bowtie with the occasion to avoid standing out and losing the aura that comes with it. To look right, it is important to portray confidence and smartness. For instance, if wearing a loud shirt, a quiet tie should be used. Pocket squares are necessary with bow ties and so is having a trimmed beard.

Wearing a bow tie is associated with academics and elderly and that is why to retain the look, the tie should be worn with a jacket.

The width of the tie should not be bigger than that of the face or of the collar. Slim line bowties match well with standard collars, while standard bow ties should be used with winged collar and are suitable for a daywear.