Date Wed 23 November 2016

Public opinion is powerful. In recent years, public perception of smoking and other unhealthy habbits such as junk food and alchohol consumption has drastically improved. What was once normal in the mid 90's is now frowned upon and people are evermore lookign for ways to improve their health and fitness.  The men's skincare market is now one of the fastest growing consumer markets and is even outperforming the womens market. With the emergence of Instagram, Facebook and the like, men are more concious of their appearance which is driving this - coupled with growth in accessability through the internet and e-commerce. 

This market is definately one to watch. The team at Jackson Miles are one of the newcomers to the industry but are already making waves. Their mens skincare and haircare range is 100% natural and made in Australia. The market they appeal to is health conscious and not only watch what they put in their bodies, exercise regularlly and have an interest in health, but also are now looking at ways to preserve their youth and combat the effects of age and sun exposure. The market is flooded with chemcical based products but companies such as these guys are providing a natural based alternative which is proving to be popular. 

The trend is sure to keep growing and we can't wait to see what other exciting companies and products the future holds.